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We are a mostly rural and residential community that is home to over 6,000 residents. Located in Fremont Ohio, we are dedicated to exemplary customer service to the residents of our township. We hope this site keeps you up to date with the services we offer to our residents.

The Trustees would like to Thank the residents for passing the Road Levy for the Township.  The revenue generated will go towards the paving and drainage impovement of our roads.  Over the past 3 years we have had a reduction in the moneies we had received from the State.  This has caused a lost of revenues between 20% to 25% in our general budget.  Other factors that have affected our budget is the cost of the past two winters.  The cost of salt has gone from $32.00/ton to $105.00/ton in one season.  We are presently waiting to see what salt prices will be for this winter.  We have continually watched our finances while still providing the services you expect.  Over this year we will be working on some exciting projects with the construction of the veteran's memorial at McGormley Cemetery to the construction to the new park.  We will keep the residence informed of the progress and details of each of these projects.


Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at the Ballville Township House, 2220 Tiffin Rd., Fremont.  Meetings are open to the public.


Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of every month at 7:00 P.M.  Location is the Ballville Township House.  Meetings are open to the public.


The recycling center is now located at Hydraulic Square, 1835 Cemetery St.  This is a full time recycling drop off that is open (7) days a week during the daylight hours.


In 2013 many challenges occurred in the Township with flooding, storm damage and a snowy winter.  We also accomplished many project successfully to improve our community. This report will highlight the various projects the Township worked on. We hope that you will take the time to review this document.  We would like to thank our staff who worked diligently for the Township.

Township Trustees and Fiscal Officer

Chairman Bob Kusmer, Vice-Chairman David Stotz, Trustee Richard Geyer and Fiscal Officer Mary Kay Gabel.

In January, the Township was informed we won a Quality Asphalt Pavement Award from the Flexible Pavements of Ohio Organization for the resurfacing of Baker Road.  This award was presented to Kokosing Construction (Contractor) and project owner for quality pavement in road construction.  The award was presented at the Ohio Asphalt Expo in Columbus in March.

Medical changes in coverage helped reduce the medical premiums by 60% by self insuring and raising the deductable cost. Part of the savings will go to Obamacare Tax for Medical coverage by a private company. This tax will cost the Township $7932.00 a year.

The Stahl Road drainage project was petitioned to the county commissioners to find a solution to the road drainage problem in the area.  The County Commissioners had a viewing of the ditch in July to allow the residents in the drainage area to voice their opinions on the project.  The County Engineer also held a meeting on the petition to give the public alternatives in regard to designs.  The project is now at the County Engineer’s office for the design phase for this project.

A request by the private businesses along Hayes Avenue was made to both Ballville and Sandusky Townships to help in the extension of a new waterline to service these companies.   A request for $100,000.00 from each Township was made by the businesses and the economic development director.  It was explained if water and sanitary sewers was not extended, one business would leave this area losing with approximately 75 jobs in Fremont and relocate to Perrysburg. Ballville Township Trustees on a split vote (2-1, Stotz, Yes: Kusmer, Yes: Geyer, No) agreed to participate in the waterline project.  Sandusky Township also participated to help with the waterline.  The construction on the waterline will begin in April of 2014.  The Sanitary sewer will also be constructed within the year.

Due to this action, existing business not only stayed, but will expand in Ballville Township with a new plant and employing approximately 150 jobs.  We have also created interest in the other abandon facilities on Hayes Avenue which could add a total of 200 new jobs to our area in the next 2 years.

The Sandusky County Park District and Sandusky County Commissioners approached the Township in a joint contract to repair the Mull Cover Bridge. By a split vote (2-1, Stotz, Yes: Kusmer, Yes: Geyer, Abstain,) the Township Trustees agreed to participate in the reclamation of the Mull Cover Bridge.  The cost of the construction will be shared by the three parties.  The Sandusky County Engineer’s Department will contribute by inspecting the Bridge annually for structural defects.   The Township cost is $36,815.96 for the upgrade of the bridge. A grant from ODOT for $285,000.00 was submitted and received by Steve Gruner, Director of the Park District, to help pay for the construction phase.

The Township road resurfacing project had the possibility of property damage by the contractor to a couple of private residents.  The Trustees investigated the problem and agreed with the property owners regarding the damage. We held part of the contract until the damage was repaired to the satisfaction of the owners. The contractor agreed to fix the driveways of two residents and repairs were to their satisfaction and final payment was released.

On July 10th, a severe storm caused major damage in the Township.  Trees and power lines were down causing roads to be blocked for days.  Some of the residents were without power for four days.  Our crews, along with Trustees Dave Stotz and Bob Kusmer, worked to address the needs of residents by clearing the roads for emergency vehicles.  The Ballville Fire Department also worked quickly to respond to the emergency areas. The cleanup took approximately four weeks. The Township applied for various grants that would compensate the Township for additional costs.  Thanks to our Fiscal Officer Mary Kay Gabel and our Road Superintendent Bill Lagrou, the two were able to secure $4,309.20 from OSS Solid Waste District and $10,213.65 from a FEMA grant to help offset some of the cost to the Township.

Arrowhead Drive, Tomahawk Trace, Chieftain Circle, Meadowbrook Lane and River Run Drive were resurfaced this year under our road projects. M & B Asphalt was awarded the contract for $137,005.00.  Minor road work was also completed on various approaches on Mill Street, Mechanic Street, Tomahawk Trace and along with curbs on Tomahawk Trace for a cost of $11,333.00.

The Sandusky County Regional Planning hired WSOS to review and revise the County Comprehensive plan.  After a year of work, the plan was reviewed and voted on by the membership. Representing the Township, Trustee Richard Geyer voted no.  The Resolution was adopted by the Sandusky County Commissioners in October based on a majority vote by Regional Planning membership.

Issue II Grant was applied for by Ballville Township for road resurfacing. Green Creek, Townsend, Scott and Riley Townships were included in the applications.  Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in our bid.

Bill Lagrou applied for OTARMA grant for $500.00 for the purchase of road signs. In October we received the grant thanks to Bill.

In November, the Trustees elected to start putting the Township minutes for our meetings on the website.  These can be found under the Township Officials tab and meeting minutes.

In November, the Township had major damage to Hill Cemetery due to a vehicular accident.  The collision caused a semi-truck to run through the cemetery destroying five headstones from the 1850’s.  The truck also spilled diesel fuel over the graves and took out a pole with a transformer.  The concern was PCB’s in the transformer.  However, test results were found to be negative.  A Hazmat team was called to the scene along with the Ohio EPA.  Final restoration will be completed in the spring of 2014.

Ballville Fire Department

Chief Doug Crowell

In February, the Fire Department provided the Trustees with an annual report on their efforts.  Following are the grants received by the Ballville Fire Department: $26,500.00 and $15,500.00 for water training; $1,500.00 from EMS; $2,250.00 from Fire Marshall Grant for training; $68,380.00.00 from FEMA for a grassfighter.  Their response time for emergencies has been from 4 to 6 minutes on the average at a cost of $35.09 per person for fire protection in the township. They receive no pay and put in many hours to serve our community. We are grateful for their service. 131 calls were responded to by our Fire Department. Fire losses in the Township were estimated at $335,350.00.  The Department has a total of 26 members with 10 having a classification of Firefighter Class II and 10 with Firefighter Class I Classification.

Cemetery Board

Chairman James Gillis, Vice Chairman Jack Ferguson Sr. and member John Willey.

The Cemetery Board reviews the burial fees annually for recommendation to the Trustees.  The Board recommended the fee for non-residents to increase, however kept the residents fees the same.

The board recommended new rules and regulations for the Township Cemeteries. The Township Trustees by a split vote (2-1, Stotz, Yes: Kusmer, Yes:  Geyer, No) approved new regulations.

In October, the Oakwood Cemetery Board approached the Township in regard to turning over their cemetery.  Over the past months, there has been on and off conversations with their Board about the financial situation of the Cemetery Association.  No action has been taken at this time.

The Board has begun investigating a design for an entrance to the Veteran’s Section at McGormley Cemetery.

Park Board Committee

Chairman Kerry Wood, Vice-Chair Les Gallatin, Secretary Ben Hickey, members are Joe Pemberton, Jane Stotz and Kim Wood.

LED Lighting for Conner Park is being reviewed by the Board.  Their goal is to replace all lighting in phases at the Park to reduce the cost of electricity to the Township.

The Park Board received a grant from the Sandusky County Park District for $7,800.00 for the purchase of ADA playground equipment.  By a split vote (2-1, Stotz, Yes: Kusmer, Yes: Geyer, No) the Township Trustees agreed to approve and purchase the playground equipment as recommended by the Park Board.  A rubberized base was also installed under the new equipment for safety.

The Park Board received an OSS Grant from the Solid Waste Recycling Board for $1,200.00.  The grant helped to purchase two new benches for Conner Park and Hydraulic Park.

The parking lot at Conner Park was sealed at a cost of $10,972.

Planning for the new Chudzinski-Johannsen Park has begun by the Park Board. A preliminary draft of the site is located on our website.

The Park Board also sponsored the Annual Easter egg hunt in March and the Halloween Party in October.

The annual Cancer walk in June was again a huge success for the organizers. A total of $114,000.00 was raised for the foundation.

Zoning Boards

Zoning Inspector David Schwartz

Zoning Commission

Chairman Phil Klausz, Vice-Chair John Swint. Members are Brian Edwards, Les Gallatin, Tom Hoffman, and Walter Lamson.

Board of Appeals

Chairwoman Nancy Francis James Gillis, James Fleming, Jonathon Winters, and Larry Bilbrey with Alternates Brad Lawrence and Dick Hoffman.

Over the past year, David issued 59 zoning permits and 23 zoning violations.

David Schwartz filed application to “Moving Ohio Forward Heath Department Grant” the home at 516 CR 134 and 1911 Hayes Ave.  This program removes dilapidated homes with State funds.

The Ballville Dam removal and the City’s Reservoir has become a concern not only for Fremont, but for the Township.  A series of meetings have been ongoing over the past three years.  ODNR and U.S. Fish and Wildlife want the Dam removed upon completion of the Reservoir for fish habitation to move up the River.  The Environmental Impact Study (EIS) has been prepared by U.S. Fish and Wildlife, which has not addressed the human impact of the dam removal, in the opinion of the Trustees. The public should send any concerns to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife. A copy of the EIS report is open to the public on the Federal Register.

The Trustees continue to represent the Township’s concerns and values on various committees in the County.  These include Sandusky County Regional Planning, Tax Incentive Committee, the BIG Fremont Program, the Ballville Dam removal Committee, and the Sandusky County Emergency Management Agency.

Dave Stotz and I would like to thank the residents for their support in the last election.  We are humbled by your support and will work to keep your confidence.

Finally from all of us at the Township, we appreciate all your support over the past year.  We will continue to work on improving our services for you.

Respectfully Submitted,

Bob Kusmer

Ballville Township Trustee