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The Trustees in a unanimous vote recommended to come out against ISSUE 1. It would made Ohio law on drugs the second worst in the county. Ohio would become safe haven for drug dealers throughout the county. Please join us to defeat this issue. Here are six reasons Issue 1 must be defeated Issue 1 on the November ballot, funded by George Soros and Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, purports to be about getting treatment for drug users. But it’s much more than that. It will also reduce even major drug possession offenses to the equivalent of traffic violations, it usurps the power and flexibility of Ohio’s judges and drug courts, it will levy huge costs on our counties with no funds to pay them, and it will endanger our families and children by flooding our streets with drugs. Issue 1 is a danger to Ohio. Here is what Issue 1 really does, and why it must be defeated:

Here is what Issue 1 really does, and why it must be defeated:

No. 1   Issue 1 makes possession of enough deadly drugs to kill 10,000 people nothing more than a misdemeanor, and forbids jail sentencing for the first two offenses.

No. 2   Issue 1 enables the release of hardened criminals, including drug traffickers, armed robbers, domestic violence offenders and child pornographers from Ohio prisons into our communities.

No. 3   By taking away the threat of incarceration that judges use to keep addicts in treatment, Issue 1 will be a setback for treatment in Ohio. There will be more addicts, and more deaths.

No. 4   Issue 1 puts Ohio drug law in the State Constitution where it can only be changed through lengthy process and vote of the electorate. Ohio will be handcuffed in responding rapidly to any new drug threat.

No. 5   An independent evaluation by the Ohio Office of Budget and Management concluded that Issue 1 would not lead to significant savings, could result in tens of millions of dollars of new costs to taxpayers, and would likely add costs for local governments.

No. 6   Issue 1 will harm Ohio economically. Businesses already have trouble hiring workers who can pass drug tests, and it will be worse if Issue 1 passes. Eventually, economic development will stop, and businesses will leave.


Ohio judges, prosecutors, sheriffs and treatment professionals all believe that Issue 1 will undermine treatment, and expose Ohio neighborhoods and families to more deadly drugs on the street, carried by offenders who know they can’t be jailed because of Issue 1’s scrapping of our drug laws