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Chudzinski-Johannsen Conservancy ParkIf you have been out in the Tindall Bridge area you have notice a construction has started. This is the beginning of our new park. Phase one is the construction of a new road through the park being 2500 feet long. The entrance to the park will be at the northwest end of the property on Baker Road and meander through to the south east corner by Rice Road near the bend of the road by Tindall Bridge. The road will be 24 feet wide with a curb on one side and a drainage swale on the other side. Storm drainage associated with the road is also being installed. A small parking lot on Rice Road will be part of the first phase. Completion will be in late September or October.

Bedrock on the lower ground was found to be shallow so the proposed pond will not be constructed. Instead, a stream will meander through the lower grounds and flow into the river.

Ballville Township Park UpdateSignage will be installed at each end of the road and will be constructed in the islands of the road marking the park’s entrance. The signage will be built with a concrete frame and stone will cover the base of the sign.
New meadows and walking paths will be created this fall and should be ready for the spring. Trees and wildflowers is also be planted and ready for the spring of 2020.

Construction of the first phase was made possible by a grant for $300,000.00 from the State of Ohio. Ballville Township submitted a proposal to the Capital Appropriation Bill for 2019-2020. Thanks to Representative Bill Reineke introducing our proposal into the Bill, we were awarded $300,000.00 to build our park. To date $492,000.00 has been raised for the construction through grants and donations. These monies are not part of the Township tax funds or out of our budget. These monies received have to be used exclusively for the construction of the park.

I will continue to apply for grants and will accept donations to the park which are tax deductible.

Bob Kusmer, Ballville Township Trustee