With the Coronavirus restrictions on social gathering, the Township will be closed to the public till further notice. We will try to answer all your questions over the phone to eliminate any contact. If you need to talk to someone in person from the Township, you may call and set up an appointment.

The Trustee’s meetings will be close to in person contact. They will be done remotely over the internet and open to the public. More information will be provided the closer we get to our next meeting, Tuesday April 7, 2020.

We are open, being an essential business, but will minimize public contact till the Governor lifts his decreed. Please feel free to contact the office if you need to talk to someone. The office phone number is 419-332-7830. Information will be shared on our facebook page and our website at ballville.org. If you need to talk to a trustee you may call them directly or call the office and they will relay the message to us. Thank you for your understanding, we are still working to serve the Township’s needs.

Bob Kusmer
Ballville Township Trustee, Chairman