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The Federal government introduced the Cares Act Bill earlier this year to help governments with the financial burden of fighting the Covid-19 virus. The monies would come in the form of a grant for those who apply. I submitted an application for Ballville Township and was awarded $8,000 in the first round. Additional Federal extensions to the Bill came out increasing the money. By the end of the third round, we received $326,000 in total Cares Act Money. The money had to be used or it would go back to the federal government.

Ballville Township’s goal was to spent the money locally for the benefit of our community. The Township did have needs for part of the money but not the total amount given. We were able to buy items to fight the virus and pay for overtime to disinfect Township property after use by the public. Phil Klausz and I felt it was important to give back to the community and help with the fight of the virus. The Trustees voted 2-1 to prepare a care package for every household in the Township. The residents will receive disinfect sprays, wipes and masks at the Township drive-thru that will be set up over the next few months.

We also voted unanimously to sub-grant money to the following agencies. A grant from the Township went to help the Ballville Volunteer Fire Department in the sum of $110,000. The Sandusky County Health Department was granted $13,300 to construct a storage facility for PPE supplies. And, the Sandusky County Sheriff’s Department was granted $45,000 for their project.

It was important to use the money to help offset our cost due to the virus. Our assessments came from our current needs and future use of the equipment purchased. You can read about the details regarding our decisions, how we voted and what purchases we made in the trustees’ meeting minutes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Township.

Respectfully Submitted,

Bob Kusmer
Ballville Township Trustee, Chairman