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Ellen Ickes

Trustee-Term 2016-2019

When Scott and I purchased our home on Third Avenue in 1990, our children were quite small. Over the years, we have spent many hours in our yard pushing the kids on their swings, playing in the yard, planting, mowing, and waving at people when they go by.

I took office as fiscal officer in 2016 on April 1st, and the township was converted to the Auditor of State’s Uniform Accounting Network (UAN) software for accounting and payroll by October 1st. As one of more than 1,900 entities utilizing UAN, Ballville Township receives software updates to keep us current and in compliance, training, and support as needed. Our year-end reporting is done electronically through UAN, providing information used in the audit process. As a fiscal officer, I have found that things are always changing, there is much to learn, and lots to do. The township is in a good place.